The team of the Parabainô programme provide a selection of sources (ancient texts or iconography) accompanied by an introductory commentary in order to present the documentation available on the subject of Massacres, extreme violence and transgression during wartime (Greek and Roman Antiquity)

This not-for-profit database is intended exclusively for consultation and study. It contains pictures and iconographic documents (vase painting, relief sculptures, coin decoration) and extracts from literary works from Greco-Roman Antiquity, on which the team members have based their research.

Document textuel

Le massacre d’Henna

Par Nathalie Barrandon, le 11/06/2020

Document iconographique

Outrage à Hector

Par Nikolina Kéï et Ludi Chazalon, le 11/06/2020

Document textuel

Viol des Syracusaines sous la tyrannie d’Agathocle

Par Isabelle Pimouguet-Pédarros, le 06/12/2020